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A car garage is best kept in the southwest if it is not possible southeast or northwest. A car is the best location for standing east facing northwest or southeast and facing north houses. Southwest is best for homes facing south and west. Please note that some rules / condition see that according to custom Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon governs the behavior once you fixed these places for car parking.

There are many types of car garages. For example, attached home car garage, non car garage, inner car garage, outer car garage etc. Some families are maintaining limousines, especially for them, where the southwest is suitable, where the largest cars and not regularly used vehicles are placed in the most suitable or southwest direction. Some residents like to maintain luxury cars, some are usually rounding out and some are satisfactorily keeping cars permanently in the garage. If the garage is to the west of the Northwest, there will be a lot of travel. The car remains in the garage for a very short time.

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A car parked in the southeast requires minor repair work. The floor level of the garage should be tilted towards the north or east direction. The car building should not touch the main building as well as the campus wall to the southeast east if the garage was planned in the southeast according to Vastu Consultant in Faridabad. The garage should not touch the northwest northern wall if the garage was planned in the Northwest. Anyone planning for tandem garage, can also be planned in the same room. The tandem garage can be fixed in any other area, other than the main garage, preferably one to seek expert advice and only then the fixed area is to be constructed.

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It should have a minimum space of 2 feet up to 3 feet wide all around the garage (if this is not possible then arrange at least sixteen inches of space). A person should be able to do this circumambulation on foot without any hindrance. Light and air to this gap will ensure free movement of the surrounding living complex and garage. vastu expert in Gurgaon advise to Never park your car in the northeast at all. The northeast is the entry point of heavenly forces. A car garage in the northeast will disrupt these forces. Parking in the Northeast is suitable only in the basement area. South-west Tamas is full of energy. The car will not come out of the garage from this direction. Its components may become jammed with the passage of time.

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Always park your car with your face facing north or east. These are quiet instructions. Your car’s engine will never be hot provided it is in the front part. If the infrared rays coming from the south direction and west direction are prone to fire, the car may have been parked facing these directions. According to Vastu Expert In FaridabadGarage gate should be in north or east direction. Its height should be less than the height of the main gate of the campus wall. Gate leaves should open completely without any obstruction. White, yellow and other light colors are best for painting the walls of your garage. No waste material or flammable material should be stored in the garage.

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The path in front of the garage must be clear for the car to move. . If you do not have enough space for a garage; Construction of verandah for car park. It can be constructed in the North or East of North East in plots facing North or East directions. This portico should not touch the main building. Pillars independent of the main building with a straight cantilever roof. Keep your car face facing north or east. According to Vastu Consultants in Faridabad The North facing car is auspicious for businessmen while the east facing car is good for politicians, administrators and government officials. Other theories of car parking are as described in the same garage.

We can park our car above the underground tank or the presence house at the northeast corner:

Nowadays we do not have space to provide everything for our dream house according to Vastu principles. The main entrance on the northeast side is good, the car shed or car parking is in the southwest part of the house.

Now coming to the point, we do not have such a place to carve a path to park the car in the southwest. Depending on our availability of the region or country which we purchased, then we have to compromise. Many residents are offering car parking in the northeast corner, and water storage may be sump or planned for well or bore water sources.

Now how to deal with it.Simple, just forget the car place and other issues. Very simple, or you specifically need to answer this question if you do not buy a car or do not dig the sump. There is no agreement on one thing or plan for two things.

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