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Direction of Bed in Bedroom According to Vastu

The headboard of your bed needs to be from the west or south direction. The master bedroom.  Here are hints on the best mattress direction according to the Vastu expert. If at all possible avoid beds at the middle of the room. The direction of mattress in bedroom according to vastu.  About us, information movies…

Colors for Living Room By Vastu Experts

It needs to be warm and welcoming in Addition to daring and lively Filled with energy.  Also in the former section of this guide, you are able to associate the best colors for me are yellow-green and gloomy says the vastu expert in Faridabad. According to Vastu expert the Ideal Place to find a pooja…

Best Vastu Consultants for Vastu And Astrology Connection

Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon and Vastu Experts Vastu and astrology connections. Vastu and astrology are not directly connected, but the two implicit symbolic relationships where another is praised. Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon tells Vastu talks about favorable directions and in astrological planetary houses and signs are also not favorable guidelines. Vastu Shastra and astrology have…

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