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In order for children to score well and excel in their respective fields it is important that they concentrate in their work. Vastu Consultants in Delhi can play an important role in bringing about concentration and determination in your children. For this, the first rule is that the entire house should conform to Vastu Consultants. Students, however, must face the former while preparing for higher education needs to face those demands and answers while studying. Entrance to the study room should be from North, Northeast, East, North-East, South-South-East, Western or North-West directions.

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For the betterment of students, there are some Vastu Consultants in Delhi NCR marks to be taken from the commentary. The location of the study room should be either East, North, South or North-East of the structure Students, however, Vastu Consultant must face the former while preparing for higher education needs to face those demands and answers while studying.The child should not have a beam above his head while studying.

Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR

Any mirror left in the room should be busted at night. All columns, columns, sharp raised edges of furniture, open shelves etc. Vastu Consultants Near me should be given a curved edge as these act as obstruction and distracted concentration. Attempts should be made to face the answer for the study table former or students who wish to go for higher education. Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR says that the study table should not be kept away from the wall. The child should have open space to encourage new ideas and optimistic outlook. There shouldn’t be a door behind it

Vastu Consultant in Delhi

Placing a pleasing picture or poster in the study table really helps to exuberate positivity within it. Vastu Consultant in Delhi says that there should not be a book shelf above the study table. Neither should they be placed on the eastern walls. There should not be a pile of books on the study table. A wooden chair with a modest pillow is bests for the child to sit on while studying. Vastu Consultants ensure that the study table is lit as per the glowing requirement. A sufficient amount of natural light and air is also necessary to enter the room. Ensure that while studying, the child’s shadow does not appear on the study table.

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To excite the concentration place a study lamp on the left side of the table. The light should be bright but not too harsh to hurt the eyes. According to Vastu Consultant Near MeChildren’s rooms should be bright and cheerful, so avoid using dull colors to decorate the room. Study and music go hand in hand, so inspiring play and soothing music is very effective. We can also place an aquarium in the study room. Baby should be for sleeping with his head towards south or west and not north or east. According to the humor or interest of the child, the newspaper should be placed on the side table or study table by the bed. Trophies and certificates won by the child must be hung on the south wall. Encourage your child to do some yoga exercises which will increase his concentration

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