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Best Vastu Consultants and Wall Color For Living Room As Per Vastu

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Our living room is a symbol of our personality. White blue green yellow picks lighter colors over darker colors. Effect of these. More about living room on Vastu Consultants in Delhi for living room. The walls should be painted white blue green or yellow in relation to the vast colors of the living room to get the most benefit from the surroundings and the environment.

Some colors bring positive energy to the living room. Walls should be colored. Vastu color for bedroom kitchen living room study room opens an eye for a moment in the house that puts a world full of colors in front of it.

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Avoid black and red colors for the walls of the room. The room of worship is the sacred room or part of the house. Vastu Consultants in Delhi NCRis warm and welcoming as well as bold and vibrant bubbling with energy. This is because the lighter tone helps brighten the mood and spread the feeling of warmth. You know a living room or drawing room, which follows Vastu Consultant, attracts wealth, happiness and prosperity which are all positive energies.However Vastu suggests to put a combination of red color in the living room though not too much. Also from the previous part of the article you can relate that the best colors for ne are yellow, green and blue.Use these colors on your own or in a combination to maximize positivity in space. Vastu white as pale yellow green and blue are the best choice for the living area as they bring in a calm vibe.

Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR

Wall color for Vastu as per kitchen -This lust passion represents materialism base energy bravery power drama emotions action passion. Blue is also a symbol of beauty, peace, satisfaction, feelings. Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCRchoose the right colors for your home based on Vastu Consultant. Former white or light blue. Floor to kitchen.

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Vastu Consultants Near meUse yellow orange rose chocolate or red paint as kitchen floor and wall colors. If the kitchen zone in the southwest is cut or low, use any light shade of red pink orange purple purple or lilac.

What each color indicates, parts. Avoid darkening your kitchen. Vastu Feng Shui News.

Toilets and kitchens should never have a common wall. However, Vastu Consultant Near me recommends a touch of red in the kitchen, even if it is just in a small patch on the pot or wall. Choose vibrant colors such as Yellow Rose Chocolate Brown Green Orange or Red 7 instead.

Green is the color of harmony while choosing Vastu green as per your kitchen color as it is the color of hope and harmony. Bedroom kitchen room living room opens the architectural color moment to the house a hisher eyes filled with a world admits color in front of him. The kitchen should never be below or above a bathroomtoilet. Black and brown is a big no-no for the kitchen. The windows in the kitchen should face the northeast or north eastern section of the kitchen.

Vastu Consultant Near me

It is also tied together with nature which is beneficial if you want to channel a soothing vibe in your kitchen. The sky and the water represent this color. Color scheme according to Vastu Consultant for kitchen. Avoid darkening the colors in your kitchen. Red is a bold color. Answer Green Pistachio Green. There are many colors for the kitchen according to the giant orange orange white green yellow pink chocolate. You can place the refrigerator in southeast southwest or north direction of the kitchen.

North East light blue. The cook should always face east while cooking. This direction south east is associated with the colors of fire orange pink and silver, it can be used to increase energy.

Per kitchen Middle North East Middle West Middle Southwest and the architecture of a house should never be above the architecture as a kitchen should never be above worship room or temple stove or water tap as it brings misfortune Should be used for If the kitchen area to the south of the southwest is balanced using any light shade of yellow or beige, then the Vastu Shastra color for the kitchen in the south of the southwest.

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