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Best Vastu Consultants for Designing Your Pooja Room

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Vastu Shastra plays a very important role in the arrangement of everything inside one’s house and some guidelines can fill the house with positive energy to ensure maximum positive impact for the occupants of the house as the right place. Vastu Consultants in Delhi advises to be followed that such invitations, health, wealth and happiness can bring negativity while a wrong one so it is through proper guidance one can generate positive energy that spreads throughout your home. According to Vastu Consultants, pooja rooms should always be a rush to harness energy through temple design and direction. Vastu counseling for a pooja room in your house involves in-depth analysis. Many times it happens that due to lack of space, many people tend to ignore a separate worship hall, but we are drawn to God, the whole family, to a prayer area for spiritual gain Great importance must be given to creating a space.

Vastu Consultant in Delhi

The process of designing your home can be very stressful and if you connect with expert designers they will help you to get a better version of your vision. The website is one such destination providing excellent service with guaranteed savings with the most experienced professionals . Vastu Consultant advises Indian household to have a temple at home, but have you ever wondered why as soon as you enter, give good environment outside, while others do not? As the ancient method of Indian architecture provides some very useful Vastu Consultant in Delhi tips for designing an ideal puja room, well the difference may be due to Vastu Shastra.

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The center of positive energy in your house is the worship room, which is also an area of ​​peace. A place that brings us closer to our Creator. Since the puja room is a place of worship and should be peaceful and meditation it should not be near the main entrance as that is the busiest area of ​​any house. Construction and placement of your puja room: according to Vastu Consultants in Delhi NCR The rest of the puja room in your house should have a low ceiling which will aid in creating a positive atmosphere, so than to go in for the shape of a pyramid or top of the gopura A threshold (dahleez) in the room of worship as per kind and as Vastu also helps a lot to keep ants and other insects out of the sanctum.

Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR

Temples should be made of marble or wood and avoid temples made of glass or acrylic and it is not advisable to put them directly on the floor. Prefer to place it on an elevated platform or chair. Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR suggests the best direction of the puja room should be in the east or north-east corner of the house. However special poojas can be performed in the center of the house.

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Never place your worship in the south. Vastu Consultants Near me  suggests to Avoid positioning the puja room under a staircase or against a bathroom wall for the fact that the bathroom area is the maximum negativity and it is considered inauspicious. For a good and healthy flow of positive energy, always your worship is clean and clean and free from congestion and always full of light.

Vastu Consultant Near me

The use of copper utensils for their worship is considered auspicious, especially where water is collected. As this direction is traditionally considered to be in position for fire in Vastu Consultant Near me, the lamp, lamp and fire tank should be in the south-east direction. There is an oasis of calm and positivism to your worship room. The best being well done are not the basement and upper floors for the temple as the pooja room designs on the ground floor of your house.

There should not be only one place of worship in the house.

The offering prayers remember to sit on a small stool or seat and you sit at an angle that you have to face east while praying. All deities in the worship room will not have to face each other or the door. It is very important that you do not need statues instead of 2 or 3 walls to keep it simple on one wall

The auspicious colors for your worship room can be white, light yellow or light blue as light colors reflect light thus enhancing the bright and well-lit look of a space.

Any broken statues or depictions of violence are not in your room of worship than installing images of the deceased or paintings.

The floor for the place of worship is usually done in white marble.

In order to store all your religious books, lamps and items related to worship, storage should always be above idols and not point towards the southeast

It is not recommended, however, to keep the idols in the room of worship, but if one wishes to keep them, it is sure that the statue should not be more than 9 “and not less than 2” in height.

Now that we have highlighted the many dos and don’ts that need to be adopted for inviting positive vibes into your home, it is time for your holy place and also for proper correction to make you feel positive To get every element right is the energy to consult a Vastu professional such as invitation, health, wealth and happiness in your home.

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