Best Vastu Consultants and Tips For Every Commercial Space

Vastu Consultants in Ghaziabad

Vastu is challenging for a commercial shop, not just overall aesthetic design. It is also the structure itself, emphasizing the importance of design considering stability and efficiency at the same time.So if you are interested in ways to increase your business by creating safe spaces and encouraging the environment, Vastu Consultants in Ghaziabad are giving some tips that you should consider. Most commercial establishments consider putting up a tree as it emphasizes that they are a modern building with great respect for the environment and nature. However, in Vastu Shastra practice, as far as possible the tree should be avoided. Their shade commercial building cover can be energy efficient but it is not advisable because it is not meant to be covered in negative energy.

Vastu Consultants in Noida and Vastu Experts

According to Vastu Consultant in Noida When designing a structure consider the slope of the building Spaces built on commercial sloped areas are approved as long as they face the northeast direction. If it is not, then you can reconsider the creation of a commercial space in the property at all. The structure is facing that direction, meaning it is open to receive positive energy, which is good for business.

Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad

Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad advise for Parking space should be in the northeast. The planting of trees is part of the efficient design of any parking space. Vastu practice requires that parking space and cultivation of small trees should face north-east direction. This allows a continuous flow of positive energy in and out of the building. It also serves as a guide for those who reach the commercial space.

Vastu Expert in Noida

consider the height of each floor according to Vastu Expert in Noida this structure and simultaneous work can be done based on the structural design of the engineer, architectural theory requires that the first floor of the structure should have more height in terms of dimensions than other stories in the building. The first floor, after all, serves as the entryway to the rest of the structure. It is very big positive energy. It may have to be included in the structure to be included.

Vastu Expert in Ghaziabad

The main entrance should be facing southwest direction. This principle applies only to commercial structures, but not residential areas. The main entrance of the construction and the stairway should be facing south-west direction. Vastu Expert in Ghaziabad ensures that it remains aesthetically pleasing in design when attracting positive energy into the structure. When followed, commercial spaces will finally see how it all works out for them and the business.

The Vastu Shasta practice may begin with residential spaces, but is now being adopted for commercial space. This development is only intended to help business owners to be more aware of the impact that their building structures actually have on businesses that rent them out. In addition, it serves as a guide for those who want to get into business. They need to make sure that their place is strategic enough to invite people as well as invite positive energy.

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